Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Francis X. Maguire

Father, husband, statesman, international speaker, writer, and most of all - friend.

May 27, 1933 to April 12, 2010

Please join Carmel for a "Celebration of Life" in honor of Frank. May 27th - Westlake Inn - 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

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  1. We will miss you Frank. We will miss your warm words, your calming voice, and most of all, your friendship. May you live in our fondest memories for the rest of our lives. You're the greatest!

  2. Dr. Tatiana DiDonatoApril 13, 2010 at 4:41 AM

    We will always love you Frank. We miss you. Love, Tatiana

  3. Frank is a force of life - he brings a vibrancy and a wonderful sense of humor and energy to any room he enters. My memories of him are clear and vivid - I miss him and am glad to have known him.

  4. Frank was one of a kind - a true rare and loyal friend you could get to know and feel like you are his friend for life. A great story teller and speaker who will be missed.

  5. The world has lost a great and awesome resource. Frank you will be missed. Carmel, Kathy and I wrap our arms around you and are here with you. Our prayers and support are with you always. Kathy and I love you and will truly miss Frank and thank God for Frank's wisdom and friendship.

    Kathy and Dr Robin Rushlo

  6. Yesterday the world lost an international treasure -- not only a man who leaves a legacy of international business experience, speaking and service, but also a man with an enormous heart, warm and positive vibes for everyone and a deep gusto for life.

    My heart is in pain at losing a longtime friend. We'll miss you Frank.

  7. Frank will truly be missed. I could sit for hours and listen to his stories. His friendship was a gift I will never forget. I love you both and my prayers are with you Carmel. God Bless you Frank on the next part of your journey. We are all blessed to have had you with us for so long.

    Lee Blanche

  8. Beyond being a great business leader, Frank was a great man! I'll always remember being in Frank and Carmel's home in Westlake ... watching him play the piano and sing to her. It was a beautiful thing and so very typical of him.

  9. My condolences to his friends and family. I never had the pleasure of personally meeting him, but know that he will be missed.

  10. Frank had the most amazing gift of making each and every person he spoke to feel that they were truly special. It was, I think, how God intends us to treat each other. Frank had an aura of love and service that was uplifting to be around. Carmel, you were his perfect match, mirroring the same qualities. You both have such a spirit of giving. I feel honored to have known Frank for the short time that I did and Carmel, my love and thoughts are with you now and always.

  11. Above all, Frank was a dear friend to all who were blessed to know him. I was one.

    I celebrate the freedom of his spirit today... and send Light and Love to surround Carmel as she cares for her beloved partner in a new way.

  12. My love goes out to Carmel and your family at this time of loss. Frank was truly a remarkable man with such heart and a beautiful gift of communication. I will miss his stories of history and the warmth of his smile. He will be truly missed. Much love to Carmel. I am here for you in any way. Love, Diane Stech

  13. Raymond A GreenbergApril 13, 2010 at 9:07 AM

    In rememberance of you and the gift of your guidance and friendship. We will help watch over Carm.

    Ray & Judith Greenberg

  14. We can't believe you're gone Frank....it can't be possible. We have lost a great friend, unbelievable speaker and just one of the best guys in this world. What I wouldn't give to hear you say one more time...."You're the Greatest"!
    Carm, we love and support you. Our prayers are with you.
    All of your Vistage Florida Family

  15. Frank occupies a huge place in my life. There will be someday a huge loss for me, but right now I can still hear that which I always hear when I think of Frank watching the eagle soar; Frank’s great enthusiasm and love for life.
    Frank will always be the eagle soaring in my life!

  16. Red Scott said:

    I called Frank to his face "The Pope" - - not out of disrespect for the Catholic Pope - - but because Frank was the best damn speaker in the whole wide world. No other word seemed to fit him so appropriately.
    He will be greatly missed.

    May God's Blessings be with you Carmel !

  17. Beloved Frank, our friendship was priceless to me and the place in my heart that ONLY you can hold will forever be etched deeply. I feel incredibly honored to have crossed paths with you this go-around, what fun and laughter we shared so many times! Thanks (smiles) for the visit today during my morning walk, it was super special to feel your loving energy lingering around. Daryl and I adore you, cherish you and will forever hold YOU in the highest esteem. What an incredible gift the heavens were given when you went home. My eternal love to you Frank, Tamaey Gottuso

  18. The ultimate believer and champion of the goodness in every person, Frank was a beacon of light, illuminating eachroom he entered, warming each heart he touched. I'm so grateful for his life and the gifts he shared through his stories.
    Frank will be missed but his legacy lives on.
    Sweet Carmel, our most sincere condolences, our heart goes out to you. May God's love comfort you now and always

  19. Frank and Carmel...i will miss Frank. He was a special partner and we enjoyed the time at the Landing. Bev and I send you all our love and support...no doubt Frank is speaking with his maker right now...nobody did it better and with more heart...love you!

    Bill Dallas

  20. I so enjoyed getting to know Frank. The words I would use to describe him are kind, caring, loving, brilliant, funny, warm…

    The last time I visited with Frank and Carmel, Frank and I were working at his computer. Frank looked at screen saver, gazed lovingly at photo of himself and Carmel, and said, “Have you ever seen such a beautiful woman?” It was a pleasure to be around two people who had so much love and respect for each other. What a gift. Frank you will be missed.

    Carmel my thoughts are with you my friend.

  21. On Saturday night, Paula and I had the privilege of dining with Frank & Carmel at Mediterraneo in Westlake Village. It was a beautiful day and ended with a joyful, relaxing dinner together. I've known Frank as a buddy, a colleague and a neighbor for many years. We've had many soul-sharing discussions and I know his goodness comes from deep within.
    Francis X. Maguire is a force of nature and a part of history. He always claimed to have "chronological credibility" due to his many experiences at the top of the social and business world. I'd say he has "character credibility" instead. It's not his mileage that makes him valuable, it is his goodness and wisdom.
    I already miss him and will continue to treasure the gift of having him in my life.
    God bless you Carmel and your extended family.
    Jim & Paula Cathcart

  22. In 2009, I had the pleasure of meeting Frank and Carmel at the lovely home a few times. Frank is a statesman. He has character, Charisma and Calibre. A man to be trusted and loved. Frank you enriched my life. You are already missed.
    Paul A Zaman, Singapore

  23. Dear Carmel:

    Your dear husband, Francis X. Maguire, stood apart from all the rest. His full-of-life approach to everything made me feel more vibrant just being in his company. Frank's voice, his posture, his attitude was one where he wanted to share what he had learned on his path with others for the sole purpose of making the world a better place. And what could be better than that.

    I feel honored and blessed to have known Frank, and to have seen him use his heart in so many loving ways and with so many people. His sense of humor just tickled me, too.

    I shall always remember, "Almost Monday, almost Tuesday, almost Wednesday, etc."

    Thank you for sharing your Frank with us, Carmel. You are an angel.


  24. The few interactions I shared with Frank left me inspired and changed on so many levels. There's no doubt his legacy will live on through all the lives that he has touched.

    The stories and wisdom he shared with me during my brief time with him was only a droplet in the wake he left on humanity all across the Globe.

    Blessing, Love & Light,
    Ryan Bloom

  25. I always smiled when Frank's name was on the schedule for that day. His incredible stories, warm personality and great spirit will be treasured and remembered forever. He had a special way to enlighten your day. I feel blessed to have crossed paths with Frank. My prayers and thoughts go out to Carmel and their family. Eventhough we have lost a legend, he touched my life and many within my office that will cherish his memories forever.

    Warmest Regards,
    Dr. Steve Woodall

  26. Frankie... my mentor, my step-dad, my pal. I learned so much for this fabulous and warm-hearted man. I loved his stories about Marilyn Monroe - they talked Nietzsche, Camus, and Plato on Saturdays. I once saw him play jazz piano so hard his fingers bled. Politically aligned, we had long talks through the Bush years. I'm lucky that my life includes his kids Elizabeth and Patrick. I love you both so much.

  27. I am so blessed to have known Mr. Maguire. I could spend hours , listening to his stories ...
    As he used to say ... the most important thing is how people make you feel ... he certainly made a diference in my life.
    He had the kindest heart... integrity and so much love...
    Thank you Universe for the most wonderful gift of having him as a friend, an admirable one who will be very missed. My dear, your body may not be here anymore, but your legacy, your kind eyes and heart ... will always be with me. We will see each other again one day,I know that. I ask the Universe for light and love to us all.
    Carmel my dear, please know you are in my prayers and that you will always have a friend, who adores you and Mr. Maguire, in Brazil.
    Light ... love,
    São Paulo - Brazil

  28. Both Dan and I have loved you from the moment we met you. You were a man who always put others first. You truely are the great communicator, because you always listened, laughted alot, and made us feel at home. Your friendship is one we will always cherish.

    You have left us your beautiful wife and through her we will always have fond and wonderful memories.

    The heavens have opened up to welcome "The Greatest."

    Dan and Lani Curtis

  29. Frank, you will be greatly missed. You will always be in our thoughts and prayers. Thanks for sharing your amazing stories and words of wisdom with me. I am so thankful our paths crossed and I will always remember you saying "Keep your smile and share your light". I know you are where we all hope to be one day and you are being honored for your Job well done! See you on the other side.
    My Dearest Sympathy to Carmel and Family, Angel

  30. Frank visted the groups I ran in Memphis many times as he was always willing to come there for a plate of Rendezvous ribs, he always made me feel like I was "the Greatest." I will miss you Frank. Heaven got a Great One.

  31. Carmel, I am so sorry for your loss. Frank was such an amazing person, always a bright star every time I saw him. He will be missed more than you will ever know. He was just that kind of guy.

    Robin Martino

  32. Sweet Carmel, our thoughts have been with you and Frank constantly for past 24 hours, since we found out the sad news. Just speaking with you a minute ago, you sounded so strong, which doesn’t surprise me knowing you ... I’m sure Frank, from wherever he is, is so proud of you for how you are handling everything. I wish you a blessed trip out to New Mexico and look forward to seeing you when you get back. Much love and strength, our hearts and prayers are with you, Josephine & Chris.

  33. Dear Carmel: I want to add my voice to the countless friends of Frank. My memory of him most clearly is that he embodied the spiritual power of the impulse of evolution. He encouraged, he advised, he supported, he envisioned, he inspired so many of us. His voice and energy is in the Field forever and i will always love and be energized by him, and you too, Carmel. When the time comes please call me so we can have a good visit. Love, Barbara

  34. Frank Maguire had a magical ability to light up a room and make everyone in it feel better about themselves and hopeful about the future. I remember meeting Frank for the first time in the early 1990s, for a major sales meeting at the Hyatt DFW Airport. The company's management had spent the morning lambasting the salesforce for poor performance. By the time Frank took the stage, there were 500 depressed, demotivated people. Within minutes, the dynamics changed completely, as Frank regaled the group with inspiring stories, humor, and hope. He received a standing ovation, one of many. Whenever I met Frank, I felt as though I was reconnecting with a long lost friend. You always felt great in Frank's presence and, as a result, he inspired you to do better. His legacy will live on in the thousands of people whose lives he touched and made better.

    Mark French

  35. Carmel, Our lives changed for the better when you introduced us to Frank so many years ago. As you said, you were blessed to have the time you did together. Frank was a terrific and uniquely supportive friend. I am deeply saddened, but also indescribably gratified that your marvelous husband and my exceptional friend crossed our wake.
    We will be back in touch soon,
    Dick Drechsler

  36. We are deeply saddened to learn of Frank's passing. He was a beloved, talented, witty friend who always had time to share a story, mentor and entertain. Frank had many admiring friends and we are proud to have been among them. Carm, may the love and prayers of all those who love you help sustain you at this time. Lovingly, Pat and Alan Cordover

  37. Gary Robert KennedyApril 14, 2010 at 5:00 PM

    to my friend FXM. You made a difference in my life when my life itself depended on new and different. You gave me the strength to persevere when all was in flux, your style and grace pulled me through.
    As you leave us, the words of Emerson " to know that one person breathed easier that you existed, to be the true measure of success. You affected so many and we've been blessed............ Love G.

  38. Frank had a wonderful friendly and kind presence. He could entertain anyone with his stories and pearls of wisdom. Carmel, may God comfort you and give you His peace. Know that you are in our prayers.
    Love, Lorie Paulson

  39. Carmel --

    When my beloved Sheri was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, you and Frank were there for us. Your kindness and compassion clearly showed that you lived in private what your wonderful husband proclaimed in public.

    You know more than we what a terrific and compelling person he was...we are all just trying in our meager ways to share with you our understanding of his greatness, as well.

    The impact of Frank will always be with us...and I will always remember your smile as he played the piano at your home...being on the boat...and laughs we shared, even in difficult times. He...and you...are the GREATEST!

    Scott McKain

  40. Both Frank and Carmel have the lovely gift of becoming "family" as soon as they meet someone. It's such a gift to be a "connector" in this life. To make strangers feel smart, loved, recognized and appreciated and joyous..we all learn from both of you. Together you spread so much positive energy, shared with so many.. If love is energy Frank will be with us forever...I love him, and his family dearly. XO Susi Manners

  41. Carmel, my family and I will always treasure the warm memories of getting together with you, Frank and Josie. The beautiful summer days we spent out on the lake were like a dream... You know our boys were always thrilled when Frank would let them captain the boat. I am so glad we have had the both of you in our lives. We will miss him so very much. He will be forever in our hearts. Much Love, Rob, Daria, Jacob and Dylan.

  42. Carmel, My thoughts and prayers are with you. I will always remember the Gold Coast meetings at your home. Frank was a great man and a friend with a big heart. Frank and I shared the love of music and I will forever remember him sitting at the piano in your home singing "This Little Light of Mine." He definitely let his light shine and we are all better because of it. I will miss him!

  43. Maria-Clara Van den BosscheApril 15, 2010 at 2:45 AM

    Dear Carmel,
    although I met you and Frank only once, I won't forget you two. When I visited you with my uncle Chris and my aunt Josephine, you welcomed me as if I was your friend already, so generous and kind. You both touched me deeply with your enthousiasm and your love in life, you and Frank still had so many plans and dreams. May you feel the strength Frank is sending you, from a great place in heaven sitting next to God, to live happily and achieve your dreams. I'm sure he's watching his wonderful wife and loving you forever.
    I will always remember the magic evening on the lake, with such warm people.
    Much strenght and love,
    Maria-Clara, from Belgium.

  44. Dear Carmel,,
    I am very sorry for your lost . Mr. Maguier will still one of the most distinguished men , his memory will always be their in our hearts and mind.
    my deepest Condolences to you and your family .
    Nada Al-Yaseen

  45. Frank was an amazing gift to this world and I know, as I read these posts, that his attitude & energy will continue to bless us in many ways. A gifted speaker and a huge heart, it was a joy to see Frank and Carmel come together ~their love, their fun, their joy.

  46. Precious Frank and I met in the early 1980s when he came to speak at a client conference held by Ken Blanchard's company. In the party that followed, Frank sat down at the piano-- he played and I spontaneously sang. Frank jumped up from the piano when we finished, grabbed me by the shoulder, looked me in the eye and said, "Don't you EVER stop singing!" The next time we met, we were both speaking at a conference and he said-- I have a piano in my suite- let's get folks to sing.
    Ah, Francis Xavier -- that's really what you did: you kept people singing. You saw what was possible in others and made sure they knew it. I believe you've got a rowdy bunch of angels singing with you right now! I hope you save a spot for me about that piano for I have ever intention that we will meet again.

  47. Carmel my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Frank truly was "The Greatest!". Such passion and zest for life and people. He was and continues to be a great inspiration for me as a speaker and human being. His passing is a great loss to the world.

  48. My dear Carmel. You and Frank have been such good friends to Dana and me. We treasure your friendship and the good times that we all enjoyed together. We will miss Frank and his delightful approach to life, but we have joy in knowing that you two got to have such great years together. We send our condolences for your loss of your dear Frank and we look forward to seeing you again soon. Our love to you, Mark and Dana Layton

  49. Frank touched my life in a very powerful way. His charm, charisma and kindness along with his incredible human experience was and is a powerful influence. God bless you and your family. Until we meet again. Terry Ahern

  50. Carmel and Family,
    Frank will always live on in my mind as he was more than the Greatest. Frank was a genuine, good, caring and sharing gentleman. Frank was both humble and powerful at the same time. I know he is sitting at the head table in heaven sharing his stories.
    Jim Zinger

  51. Let's go on one more boat ride, Frank, and we'll share a few more stories. Love you,


  52. Dear Carmel,
    I never had the pleasure to meet you. However, I've been blessed with the privilege to have met your husband. What a dear, dear man. As a member of the Infinite Networking group we both attend he was truly an inspiring man. He could tell a 'story'! I don't know who started it . . but we called each other 'sunshine'. That is how I will remember Frank always. God bless you and your family and my sincerest condolences.

  53. Hello Carmel and Family:
    I had the great pleasure of meeting Frank in a networking group from Westlake Village. What an inspiration he was and to his credit what a wonderful life he created. I know you all will miss him everyday. I feel honored to have met him.
    My sincerest condolences to the family,
    Whit Williams

  54. Carmel,

    You and Frank gave me the hope, inspiration and believe that through all odds and obstacles I will make it or make it work. For that I am so grateful to you both. You are in our thoughts and prayers. My memory of Frank will always be happy ones!! Liz Beddow

  55. Even though I had only known Frank a short time his vibrant spirit, uplifting words and the twinkle in his eye always inspired me. I will miss you and remember you always. Special thoughts are with you, Carmel.

  56. Carmel-

    I send prayers of peace to you and your family. I pray under the anguish of your grieving, you can remember it is just the lining, the inside out, the exquisite beauty of having been truly loved.

    For me, Frank was the most rare and precious bird. More than an eagle- He was a true pioneer-- one who not only risked going out on the limb... again and again, soaring above it all, but who brought things not yet in this world into reality- and with great success, as we all know.

    I consider Frank the greatest role-model for men of his generation! Successful in business, yes! But much more rare, success beyond measure in relationship, in friendship. He was an innovator in Loving FIRST. It is that most precious gift I take with me as I deal with my own lamenting around his passing.

    May the love that surrounds you both physically and in spirit comfort you in this time. Much love,
    Peggy O'Neill

  57. Frank, Thank you for being a mentor and legend in our profession, we learned so much from you. Save a place for us!

  58. We have lost an incredible gift, a treasure, and a beautiful example. The embodiment of a great and uplifting spirit..

    Frank, you will be missed!
    Carmel, you are in my prayers.

    With Love and appreciation,
    Adrienn Laki

  59. Oh, what a loss we have all suffered. Frank was the best story teller, and such a dignified and exceptional man. We were very blessed to have shared a bit of our lives with his presence.

  60. Frank,
    Life is short. We meet many people in our lives. But you are one of those people who difinately stood out. You had a rare gift of accepting acolades and applause with humility. I enjoyed our visits together. You are missed.
    Joe Rivello

  61. While I regret that Frank has moved on to what he and I would agree is "THE" GREATER PLACE, my
    greater regret is that I didn't get to spend enough time in his presence, 'cause whenever I did I was better for it. My gratitude for him is endless. JIM TUNNEY

  62. Frank loved to remind me that my S. Fla. group was the first TEC talk he ever delivered. As it turned out my group was having a spousal cocktail party that night and he came along and played the piano for us all evening. Everyone loved him instantly.
    He then briefly lived near my mother in Spring Hill Florida so I visited him around the time he and Carmen "re-met" ...he was beyond thrilled and I loved hearing their story.
    He called me recently to congratulate me on my book and never ever forgot all who were his friends...Apparently everyone he ever met was a friend..this was a very, very special man and I will miss him as will the entire community. My heart goes out to you Carmen. You are in my thoughts.

  63. I'll miss you frank. You are my 3rd grandfather that made me feel like I could do anything you believed. Say hi to my dad up there and I'll think of you every time I go to Costco.

  64. A few years ago, I was privileged to spend a day with Frank exploring Purpose & Passion. After much thought, Frank wrote this about himself.

    Teaching Love
    I guide myself and others
    to accept who we are
    as individuals
    and to experience
    moments of Joy together.

    Frank Maguire
    August 30, 2007

    I think we can all see him in his words. Thanks Frank. To know you was to know love, joy and acceptance of the highest order.

    – Tom Voccola

  65. Frank was truly so exceptional. He had a way of being totally present when you were with him; you felt you had his whole attention. And me...a nobody, really, compared to the heady circles in which he traveled...still, he paid attention to me and respected what I had to say. That's just one more gift he had -- an esteem and a respect for others. After all, he told me I was the Greatest. I believed him, because he was a smart guy and he told me so! Well, one thing's for sure...he was the Greatest. An exceptional, precious person.

  66. Christina Thomas-Fraser said...
    Frank Maguire had a generous spirit, a loving heart, and a deep, abiding appreciation for people. He was a true "brother" to humanity. He was devoted to his children and his family. We have lost a great man! Rejoice, beloved Francis, in your well-earned rest. You enriched many lives and we shall sorely miss you.

  67. Kathleen DeggelmanMay 19, 2010 at 5:19 PM

    Dear Carmel,
    I am so sorry for your loss. I am sure you miss Frank so very much. You were both so lucky and blessed to have found each other. I so very much enjoyed the couple of gatherings that we had at your lovely home. The night with the girlfriends and the baby girls was the best. Frank was an absolute love and so are you. If you are in the San Francisco area, please give me a call. God bless you. Kathleen Deggelman

  68. Dear Carmen,

    Susanna and I are shocked to discover that Frank has left us. She was just reading his Murray Hill 7-7777 story to us two nights ago. As usual it brought the tears of knowing the man and something of his heart. I knew it was Frank's birthday today, but I had no idea that it was one he would not be celebrating with all those he loved and who loved him. Please know how much you both meant to me and through me… Susanna. Accept our best love and the sorrow we all share.

    Dave Cowan and Susanna Palomares

  69. There is one thing I am certain of... The laughter, the stories, the food,the friendship, and the fun in Heaven just got cranked up a notch. Francis, we'll miss you, but never forget you.

    Bill Catlette

  70. Well, I am not so lucky. I never saw Frank Maguire, I even noticed only today that he left this World last Year. But I feel that somehow I have to thanks this extraordinary man, for his words, and the motivation that this words create in everyone that listem them. So, I would like to thanks so much because he help me too much,teaching me to clearly see the diference between essential and accessorie.
    Thank you Mr. Maguire for your lessons, learned everywere in lots of videos that I saw.

    J. Mesquita - Portugal

  71. I first met Frank in 2001. We hired him to come up to Portland and speak to the company. I ended up spending 2 full days with him and we became the best of friends. We spoke and emailed regularly, he knew my family and always cared. I remember talking with him during Ronald Reagan's funeral and Frank was weeping for his old friend.

    I still miss him - b

  72. I was priveledged to hear him speak at an AICC meting Oct, 11, 2001, in Vancouver, BC, 1 month after 9-11. Just listened to his speech again and decided to look him up on the Internet. Well, I found this memorial! A great man who knew JFK, Ted Copel, Cournel Sanders (KFC)helped turn around Fed-Ex. This guy was amazing... Like a true life Forrest Gump. What an inspiration he was...